Monday, August 13, 2012

Remembering Family--The Wargamer's Way

Contrary to popular belief, gamers have lives beyond the game table. 

Just about everyone, gamer and non-gamer alike, has experienced loss.  My friend Dean, writer of the popular WAB Corner, channeled the recent loss of one of his dogs, in a way that only he can--by painting a miniature memorial.

Most guys in our gaming group are excellent painters.  What puts Dean ahead of the pack is that he's FAST!

Projects that take months--or longer--for everyone else, Dean can complete in a week.

Normally, Dean's blog is strictly about miniature wargaming, especially Warhammer Ancient Battles, or "WAB."  However, just over a month ago, Dean reached out to his fellow gamers with his only non-gaming post to date.

A few days ago, Dean unveiled his Changun and Changun as a tribute his family, his heritage and his dog.


DeanM said...


Thank you for this - truly appreciate your friendship. Dean

Ted Henkle said...

You're welcome Dean. Please accept my condolences for your loss.