Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Vaults of Zukat, Part 1

(Map by Seth)

A few weeks ago, our gaming group started a Pathfinder RPG campaign hosted by Seth.  I missed the first couple of adventures, so the following is Seth's recap of how the players found themselves in a village no one has heard of before:
  • You shipwrecked near the small fishing village of Ander's Point, named after the founder Lars Ander who co-settled it with his friend Kandar Timkin. Kandar was the fisherman who didn't follow the rules of survival and saved the 10 sheep, only to lose his life to what lies beneath...
  • Your ship was ripped apart by unknown forces - forces that were not natural
  • One other known survivor suffered the same as the ship where his legs were ripped from his body.
  • The village has been lulled into a sense of security afforded by the resident Earth Elemental (that appears sad) that was conjured from a scroll Lars used for protection 20 years ago.
  • There are goblins under the village! Though you cleared out some, what they had stored in the caves beneath the village were enough supplies for an army. How many more goblins are there?
  • Sheep (more specifically poisoned sheep) are used to somehow pacify some unknown watery beast allowing the villagers to reap their bounty from the sea.
  • One of the poisoned sheep went missing! Goblins would know better than to take a poisoned sheep (they learned the hard way in the past). Tombo the hunter was sent investigate, but who could it be?
  • There are ruins of a tower on the top of the hill overlooking Ander's Point as well as ruins breaching the ocean surface.
  • Most important of all, why can't you remember anything about the ship you were on?

People of Note:
Lars Ander - Village Elder and co-founder. He has fished for most of his life and knew Kandar Timkin since childhood. Is married to Ghaleen and has 3 children. He worked hard to make the village thrive since he and Kandar spent all of their savings to purchase the "secret" that a peddler promised would bring them untold riches. After the first year of meager returns, the sea finally opened up and flooded the two families with success and bounty. The only catch was that to ensure success, they had to slaughter 10 sheep each Spring and sink them to at a specific spot in the sea.

Analisse Timkin - Wife of Kandar Timkin and the person who dressed your wounds after being rescued from the ship wreck. She is old and wizened. Years have taken her sight, but she seems to know everything that's going on around her. She is the village's master healer.

Alber - Son of Analisse. Found the party on the shore. Is a fisherman like his father.

Silfa - Married to Alber. Tailor and part time sheep herder. 

Tombo - A hunter that has settled in these parts. Provides the village with meats and skins in exchange for some of the village's robust fish wine and delicious barley bread cakes.

Avilthar - Traveling merchant who doubles as a broker to organize services needed within the village from tradesmen in the neighboring town. Has an overladen porter that follows him for some reason.

Lopin - Avilthar's unfortunate porter.

Petra - Daughter of Silfa and Alber, granddaughter of Analisse Timkin. She assisted Analisse in your mending.

We'll be running the Medium Experience point track which means level 2 is at 2000xp. For this session, everyone is awarded 500xp for staying alive and vanquishing the immediate goblin threat, as well as uncovering the above bits of info...we'll pick up at the secret door you found after killing the Violet Fungus.

Due to my rotating work schedule, I'm not always available for Seth's game.  When I do get a chance to attend--and take pictures--I'll include Seth's recaps into my blog posts. 

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