Friday, July 13, 2012

Webcomic Chapter 4 Posted (Finally!)

After a considerable delay, which I posted about here, Breakout from Bongolaan's Chapter 4, starting on page 85, has been posted. 

This chapter is longer than the previous ones, because it introduces three characters simultaneously.  The story is based on my first Star Wars Role Playing Game (RPG) session and the trio seen in the above photo were run by the players.  For this reason, I felt extra time and space was needed to delve into the circumstances that force these characters together.

The soundtrack interlude to this chapter is: When the Levee Breaks, by the ladies of Zepparella. I thought this tune evoke the sense of danger and despair in the face of an approaching storm. 

Regarding the blogs themselves, I've made two major changes to the way I'll be posting my graphic novels.

First, I've included the title page and chapter pages into the page count.  This way, the page numbers in the normal viewing mode coincide with the page numbers in slideshow mode.

Second, I'll only be posting the webcomic on my Redshift Chronicles blog.  The reasons for this decision can be found on the Breakout From Bongolaan Link Page

I hope these changes are an improvement for everyone.


englishemporium said...

Wow, Ted, this is awesome! I looked through a dozen or so pages and thought, "How the heck did he do that?"

It's amazing. 'Nuff said.

Ted Henkle said...

Thank you! I use miniature figure, models and model backdrops. In upcoming chapters you'll see my "special effects," explosions, blaster fire, etc., I painted on photos using the Windows Paint program.