Friday, July 6, 2012

Pass and Review: Risk Pieces Converted to Miniatures

Several months ago, I purchased some playing pieces to Risk, the Star Wars and Clone Wars Editions, through The Miniatures Page Marketplace.  I figured these pieces were close enough to 6mm and asked my friend Adrian to paint them.

I told Adrian to separate the pieces into a couple of factions and give them a basic paint job.  Here's a sample of the final results:

The vehicles are mounted on pennies, to provide some weight and stability, which were then flocked with sand. 

The "before" photo was taken using playing pieces from my own copy of Risk Clone Wars Edition.  I don't have a copy of the classic Star Wars Edition, so I don't have a comparative photo to show off Adrian's craftsmanship on these figures:

The snowspeeders on the left, were mounted on pennies, while the AT-STs were mounted on thick cardstock, previously used for terrain boundaries.  These figures appear to be closest to 6mm, so they should blend in with my other sci-fi miniatures.  I still plan on using the figures shown in the middle photos, but will use counters to represent any supporting infantry.

I'm very happy with Adrian's work and will be utilizing these figures for major battles in my Redshift Chronicles campaign.

Thanks Adrian!

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