Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hell Over Korea Wargame: Freshly Maid's 2nd Mission

Tim, in the role of Captain Decker, took Freshly Maid out for another spin.  This time over the Antung-Yalu River bridges. 

Here's his AAR for Mission #2:

Took off in the dark and almost immediately ran into rough weather; tried to get around it and managed to fly through the soup to reach the formation rendezvous, which was carried out successfully. Were not happy to see that we were going all the way to MiG Alley with no escort, but intel says fighter activity was not expected. That was not how it turned out.

Short of the target (Zone 8) a CCF Yak-9 attacked from 6 o’clock low. Fire from the lower turrets and tail gun caused him to break off. Upon reaching the target area, cloud cover was about 8/10ths so we had a tough time seeing the target. As we approached the IP, another CCF Yak attacked from 9 o’clock hi—he too was forced to break off from our defensive fire.

Over the target itself we encountered medium flak and took hits to the tail section that shorted out all the electrical systems to the tail turret, which remained inoperable for the rest of the flight. Bombs were dropped, but it is not likely we actually did much damage (off target, 0 percent). As we exited the target area, more light flak followed but only managed some superficial damage. Then a VV-S MiG-15 came at us head on. The bombardier fired both forward turrets, but didn’t register any hits. Lucky for us, neither did the MiG, which did not return. Away from the target (Zone 8) a North Korean Yak-9 attacked from 10 o’clock high, but was driven off as previous attacks.

We managed to remain on course without any further difficulties, though we once again hit some bad weather that pushed us off course temporarily, but did not cause further difficulties. We landed as planned around 1645.

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