Saturday, April 28, 2012

Webcomic Chapter 3 Posted

When I started this story, my intent was to post one chapter every month.  Unfortunately, I had some technical difficulties which caused all the pictures to be deleted when exported them from the Comic Life program to computer's C-Drive.  I'm sure this was due to operator error.  In any case, I didn't have time to recreate Chapter 3 before travelling back east to visit my family.

Despite being a month behind, Chapter 3 has now been added to Breakout from Bongolaan, which consists of pages 48 through 77 (54 through 84 using the slideshow) and is also posted on my Redshift Chronicles site.

The Soundtrack Interlude for this chapter is:  I Know There's Something Going On by Frida.  I always thought this song evoked a sense of mysterious foreboding.

One of my friends told me he couldn't find the second chapter.  I realized that clicking on a picture initiates a slide show, so the reader may not see any of the narrative on the blog's page.

In response to this, I created title pages for each chapter.  Here are the titles for the previous chapters:

I used images that weren't already incorporated into the body of the story.  Since only a fraction of the photos I've taken get put into the story, finding a suitable pictures for titles has been easy--so far.

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