Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bongolesia Gets Big-Time Benefactor!

Rebel Minis is now producing a Bongolesia Boxset based on Michael Murphy's fictitious failed state of Bongolesia. 

Murphy started his wargaming blog nearly five years ago, to chronicle the antics of his on-going AK-47 miniatures campaign.  Since this modest beginning, the mystique of Bongolesia spread like wildfire among the wargaming community, inspiring other gamers to follow suit and develop basket-case countries of their own.

In fact, one of the central planets in my Star Wars campaign and upcoming webcomic, "Bongolaan," was inspired by Murphy's creation.  He's a regular contributor to The Miniatures Page (TMP).
Thanks for all the laughs Murph and congratulations on being recognized by Rebel Minis!

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