Monday, August 15, 2011

Road Trip to Bellevue II

Two weekends ago, I attended the PNWA writers conference at the Hyatt in Bellvue.  Last Saturday, my friend Joe & I revisited Bellevue, but this time to check out the Dragonflight Convention at the Hilton. While Joe has attended previous Dragonflights, I was a first-timer to this convention. 

We met and chatted with friends we both knew, bought games from vendors and checked-out the game tables.  This however, was a "fly-by" as we had BBQ reservations at Joe's girlfriend's place, so we didn't have the time to get involved table-top action.

I took over 70 pictures of the convention's second day, although most of these are duplicates taken under different camera settings.  However, since I still don't have my own internet connection, it will be several days, at the earliest that I can get pictures uploaded an a complete narrative of our misadventures.

"We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by..."

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