Friday, May 6, 2011

When the Real World Intrudes

On 27 April, tornadoes cut a swath of destruction across the southern US.  Normally, I post disasters such as this on my Station WTFO blog.  I reserve this blog for writing and wargaming--leisurely activities that take place "outside the real world."

Unfortunately, the real world has a way of intruding into our leisure pursuits in a big and sometimes devastating way. 

Earlier today I received an e-mail notice from the game company Avalanche Press, owned by Mike Bennighof, PhD.  Usually, I scan the newsletter for new products and then delete the message.  The "Storm Update" link in today's message, however, caught my eye and I followed it to a post on Avalanche Press's website.

Suddenly, I discovered Avalanche Press was located in Birmingham, Alabama--one of the many communities devastated by last week's tornadoes.

After reading Dr. Bennighof's update, I felt it was necessary to post about it here.  Sometimes we need to be aware of what's happening beyond our game tables.

Best wishes to Dr. Bennighof, his staff and to their families and friends.


deb said...

Thanks for posting this. All the best to our friends in Alabama and the affected areas.

Ted H said...

You're welcome Deb.