Monday, May 30, 2011

Movie Review: Thor

The first person to recommend Thor was my Popular Fiction teacher.  She loved it, especially for the easily identifiable scenes in the typical "hero's journey."  During one session, she discussed the point where the hero transforms from "mortal" to "immortal."  What she meant was, the hero finally learns everything he needs to know to confront the villain.

In the case of the movie Thor, this is a literal transformation, or rather, retransformation, because Thor was cast out of Asgard by his dad Odin.

As a comic book afficionado since my adolescence, I've read Marvel Comics' Thor on occassion, usually when he was teamed up with other superheroes, especially the Avengers.  I even have vague recollections of the 60s vintage cartoon. So I don't have any heartburn about any deviations the movie made from the original comics.

I give this latest comic book  movie a firm 3.5 stars.  While Thor didn't deliver a knockout punch with his mighty hammer Mjolnir, the movie was a solid hit.  Here's what our local movie critic, "Brian the Movie Guy" had to say about it:

One of my sisters is involved in a weekly podcast on a site called

Widget, the site's owner/director, does video movie reviews he calls "Wayhomers," because he's driving back home from a movie he just saw.  Here's his take on Thor, which he saw in 3D:

Wikipedia has an extensive plot summary, along with wiki-entries about the actors and the comic book characters.  Although for some odd reason, the cut & paste function leaves out the last parenthesis.  The link will take you to an intermdiary "Did you mean: Thor the movie" wiki-site.  Just click on the link provided to get to the movie entry:  

Wikipedia's entry on the Thor comic books also requires a two-step process:

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