Tuesday, April 12, 2011

150 Years Ago Today--The American Civil War's Opening Salvo

Today marks the day Fort Sumnter was fired upon, which plunged the United States into a 4-year long struggle that raged across the nation.

The American Civil War, or "ACW," as it's often abbreviated, is a popular conflict among board gamers and miniature wargamers.  Now that we've entered the 150th Anniversary of America's most bloody conflict, the American Civil War will take center stage at wargaming conventions across the country--maybe even across the world.

There's a plethora of ACW gaming sites available to gamers and history buffs.  Below are just two, for starters:
Charge!, an ACW on-line fanzine is authored by Scott Mingus:


While The Miniatures Page (TMP), a popular site among miniature enthusiasts, has a message board dedicated to the ACW:


Fort Sumnter Today:

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