Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Made the List!

(Image by Adrian N.:  The Battle of Heraclea, Enfilade 2010).

Stern Rake Studio is now listed in the Blogs of War, by Steve Blease.  This "blog of blogs" lists the links of over 940 sites, at the time of this post, devoted to various aspects of the wargaming hobby. 

Because of the unique nature of Steve's blog, I gave it distinct spot under the sidebar title Wargame Bloggers Index.  This way, viewers have a clearly defined index of other gaming blogs they can explore:

Wargamers have utilized the internet from the very beginning in various ways to enhance our favorite hobby:  From transmitting game turn moves via e-mail, coordinating gaming activities, writing table-top after-action reviews (AARs--with lots of pictures!), participating in on-line forums, to running entire campaigns in the realm of cyberspace.


DeanM said...

Congrats, Ted. Hey, I never looked there before - I see WAB Corner is also there. Cool. Happy Holidays, Dean

TDH said...

Happy Holidays to you too Dean! I think Steve's site is a real great reference for finding us wargame bloggers.


John Moher said...

Hi Ted - Would you mind telling me how you managed to get Steve to list your site? I can't find anyway to contact him on the site itself? Many Thanks - John (