Thursday, March 25, 2010

Building a "...Wretched Hive..."

"...of scum and villainy."

While I have a suitable collection of 25/28mm buildings for fantasy role-playing games (RPGs), I have none for my science fiction RPG figures.  For pre-fab looking structures, I started out with Sterilite storage trays like this:

I used Storage Tray Models # 1605 (6 1/4" x 5" x 2 1/8") and #1606 (9 5/8" x 6 1/4" x 2 1/8").  I purchased 8 of each at my local Fred Meyer store, but you can buy them on-line directly from the company:

The #1607 trays (12 3/8" x 5" x 2 1/8" shown above), remain unpainted because I couldn't fit them under the paper cutter I used to slice off the curved rims of the trays.

For paint, I chose Krylon Fusion, which supposedly bonds to plastic.  However, from my short experience, I think it depends on the type of plastic.  I first used this brand to paint two of my large card tables a swirling green and blue to represent a base-level body of water for my game table.  Unfortunately the paint scratches off my, now blue-green, tables very easily.  On the other hand, the Krylon Fusion paint does seem to bond to the Sterilite trays as advertised.  Though I still  wrap each tray in a plastic grocery bag to protect the paint.  (Be sure to say "plastic" when the checkout girl asks "Paper or plastic?").

Since the trays are suppose to represent cheap, pre-fabricated buildings I chose light brown and light grey for the colors.

Here are some samples of the buildings so far:
You "...must be cautious."

Because "...this place can get a little rough."

Even if you're "...ready for anything."

The figures shown in each picture are samples of some ruffians from Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Miniatures.

The next phase in my Sci-Fi Slumlord Construction project is to cover-up the holes.  I plan on using black construction paper to simulate windows to darkened or even burnt-out rooms.  Once the "windows" are in place, I'll figure out what to use for doors...


DeanM said...


Great creativity - I love that backdrop too. Dean

Rox of Spazhouse said...

I showed this to my friend Mitch who has to make a Tibetan Temple. Good job.

Stern Rake Studio said...

Thanks folks!

I'm way behind on posting my other projects in my "Shipyards" and "Pass in Review" Sections. (Projects-in-work and Projects-completed, respectively).