Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2010 Winter Olympic Games: The Men's 500 Meter Speed Skating (Short Track)

The only events my wife and I were able to attend during our short jaunt to Vancouver, were the short track speed skating races, which were held in the Pacific Coliseum.  The races alternated between the Men's 500 Meter & Women's 1000 Meter, from quaterfinals, through the semi-finals and--finally--the final race. 

Note:  The awards ceremonies for each race were conducted at the end of the evening but are presented at the end of this post.

Above, Apolo Ohno prepares for the 500 M semifinal.

The semifinal start:

Wipe out at the finish line!

And the winners are:

Apolo Ohno was faulted and disqualified for the finish line pile-up.

Charles Hamelin hugs his girl (fiancee? wife? domestic partner?).

Hamelin & Tremblay do their victory lap, while waving to the cheering Canadian crowd.

From left to right: Tremblay, Hamelin and Sung on the podium.

"O Canada!" echoes throughout the coliseum.

Hamelin invites his fellow Olympians to the top podium.


Dallas said...

Fantastic photos! You were really fortunate to see this race in person - I saw it live on CTV and it was super-exciting (especially great to see two of my countrymen on the podium)

(BTW the girl that Charles Hamelin is embracing is his girlfriend, fellow Olympic short-track speedskater and double silver medallist)

Cheers from Fawcett Avenue ;-)


Stern Rake Studio said...

Thanks Dallas, both for your compliments and informing me of Hamelin's girlfriend.

It was awesome attending this event! I had to be back at work on Sunday, but managed to see the US-Canadian hockey game!

Keep up the good work on Fawcett Avenue Blog!