Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Winter Olympic Games: Men's 5000 M Relay (Short Track)

Above:  Members of Team USA.

The "push-off," where members exchange positions.  This can be a confusing race to watch because there are 5 teams with 4 members each.  Those not racing are still skating around within the course's boundaries.  So there's 20 bodies in continious motion on the ice.

And the winners are:

A wide shot of the winning teams and their flag-waving fans:

Team USA and Team Korea doing their victory laps:

Apolo Ohno (with the unzipped uniform) and Charles Hamelin (with helmet # 207) head back to the locker room.

From left to right:  Team USA, Team Canada and Team Korea on the awards podium.

For the second time this evening "O Canada!" echoes throughout the Pacific Colesium.

Team Canada posing for the photographers.

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