Saturday, November 22, 2008

Operation Pedestal Game Prep:

A couple of weeks ago I started filming my next YouTube movie: "Braving Bomb Alley." It's a WWII naval miniatures game based on Operation Pedestal--the decisive convoy to Malta in August 1942. As of now I have about 3.5 minutes worth of pictures. YouTube has about a 10-minute time limit, so this game/movie is going to be a multi-part series.

Because of my rotating work schedule, I'll be playing this solitaire, based on this freeware game I came across on the Webgrognards site:

With some modifications I'll be using this for the encounter matrix. But I'll use Avalanche Press's "Bomb Alley" to conduct the actual strategic movement:

Tactical encounters will be resolved using Mongoose Publishing "Victory at Sea"

And the actual miniatures will be Wizard's of the Coast's "Axis & Allies: War atSea/Task Force"

This game's objective will be to get the SS Ohio (an oil tanker) and 4 other freighters, out of a 14-ship convoy, to Malta.

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