Friday, November 21, 2008

A Blog By Any Other Name...

When I produced my Made-For-YouTube movie, "The Road to Eggmuehl." I wanted a cool-sounding name for my "production company." However, I also didn't want a name that was already taken and would give me legal migraines later on. At first I picked "Rank & File Productions," a name I thought befitting a low, or more accurately, insignificant-buget film. Strike 1! "Rank & File" is the name of some Reggae band. Then I thought of "Carronade Productions," named after a small, but deadly naval gun used in the late-18th & early 19th Centuries. I thought this was an appropriate name for my "short, but effective" film. Strike 2! There's already a "Carronade Production Company" somewhere here in the US. However, by now I was warming-up to my naval theme and happened to remember the term "stern rake." Third time's the charm, even on Google. And thus, Stern Rake Studio was born!

The picture at the header is of the French frigate Poursuivante firing upon the British ship Hercule, from Wikipedia. A decent definition can also be found on the same page:

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