Friday, November 21, 2008

About the Gaming Links

Wargaming: This has been my #1 hobby since my brother bought me Avalon Hill's "Kriegspiel" for one of my teen-birthdays. Wargames can be played with cardboard counters and a map, highly detailed and painted miniature figures and model terrain, or even just paper and pencil; and now, of course, on the computer or game console. The myriad of wargames currently available simulate conflicts ranging from the Neolithic Era to the speculative far-future. In this table-top realm, one can lead vast armies in boardgames, or bands of doughty warriors in miniature wargames, or be a valiant hero on a quest to vanquish evil--or get rich--in role-playing games. Prior to the Information Age, these were the first historical interactive tools: Why read a dull book about a battle when you can feel the adrenaline rush by re-fighting it?

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