Saturday, November 22, 2008

Malta Convoy Game, Sitrep #1:

"Sitrep" is military jargon for "Situation Report." The situation so far:

9 Aug 1942: Convoy WS.21S assembles at Gibraltar.

10 Aug: The convoy along with 4 other task forces sets sail heading ESE and manages to avoid Axis naval & air units throughout the day an evening. (For those of you with the Game "Bomb Alley" the course is as follows: G21, H21,I21, J21, K21, L20)

0800 hours, 11 Aug: A German FW-200 "Kondor"recon plane spots Task Force "R" ("Refueling," in M20).

1200 hours, 11 Aug: Another Kondor spots Convoy WS.21S and it's close escort Force "X" (N19).

0400 hours, 12 Aug: 2xGerman U-boats and 3xItalian submarines close in on the British task forces.

Stay tuned...

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