Friday, September 21, 2018

Game Day Report: Fix Bayonets 2018

("Quarters 2" where Fix Bayonets has been held since 2010)


Last Saturday, I managed to have the day off--and--attend this year's Fix Bayonets game day. 

This event, hosted by Lawrence, a member of the Fort Steilacoom Historic Society has been going on for eight years now.

I attended the very first game day in 2010, but wasn't able to attend another Fix Bayonets until 2015.

At least this time around, it hasn't been a five year gap between these annual events.

Anyway, not only did I show up, but participated in two games, noted below, and will be the subjects of later posts.

For now, here's some pictures and overall impressions of the set-up and games I didn't play.

(The entrance, registration desk and the Bring & Buy)
The Set-Up & Gaming Schedule:

The entry fee was a $10 donation to the fort.  Just off to the right of the entrance, the folks from Stonehouse Miniatures set up shop.  Not only did they bring their own excellent model terrain, but they obtained about a dozen boxes of boardgames from an estate sale.

There were two gaming periods, morning and afternoon.

The morning events included:

1. Napoleonics, using the Black Powder rules, hosted by Dean.*

2. Colonial American skirmish, using Songs of Drums & Tomahawks, hosted by Kevin and David.

3. American War of Independence battle, using the Sharpe's Practice rules, hosted by Mitch.

The afternoon events were a more modern/alternate history and sci-fi fare:

1. A space battle using Star Wars Armada rules, hosted by Scott.

2. An steam-punk battle using the All Quiet on the Martian Front rules, hosted by Dale.

3. A WWII tank battle using the rules Whatatanker, hosted by Lawrence and Damon.*

(*Note:  Games I participated in.)

(The set up for the morning games)

All Quiet on the Martian Front:

(Dale setting up the Earthlings' defenses against the invading Martians)

Songs of Drums & Tomahawks:

Iroquois and Huron warbands come to blows in this game.

(Kevin & David setting up the game)

(On the warpath!)

(Kevin & Mark discussing their cunning plans)

(An Indian village--and plethora of game sheets)
Most, if not all, the figures and terrain for Songs of Drums & Tomahawks were made by Kevin, author of A Gamer's Tale blog.

American War of Independence:

(The battlefield)
Mitch used a stunning ground cloth made by the Cigarbox Battle Store, which helped win him Best Looking Game for the morning period.

(The British and Loyalists advance)

(The "rebel scum")

(Players listening to the GM)

(The British and Loyalists forming a firing line along the fence)

(An overall view of the battlefield)
Mitch, author of the West Sound Warriors blog, wrote a game report, of a similar, if not the same battle replayed during Fix Bayonets.

Star Wars Armada:

(Image by Dean.  The Rebel and Imperial fleets prepare for action)

I took over 200 photos, of which 160 were usable.  Most of these were divided between Dean's Black Powder game, and Lawrence & Damon's Whatanker.

These games will be the subjects of two upcoming posts.

That is--as soon as I sift through the photos, choose the best ones and concoct a coherent story.

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