Monday, April 10, 2017

WAB Corner Collection #1--Ancients

(Dean's set up of the Siege of Haengju)
For the past several months, I've been buying 25mm painted miniatures from my friend Dean, an exceptional artist and author of the popular WAB Corner blog.

During a long lull in my work schedule, I managed to take pictures of some of my recent purchases.

I'll be posting my "WAB Corner Collection" in chronological order.

So in this initial post I'll be showing off displaying my new acquisition of ancient-era figures:
Hypaspists command group by 1st Corps Miniatures
Command group close-up
Oscan-Samnite heroes or leaders.  Update and Correction, 15 April 17:  Dean originally used these as singles for casualty removal)
Oscan, or Samnite cavalry by Crusader Miniatures.  (Update and Correction, 15 April 17: According to Dean, these figures are Tarentine cavalry, which are from Redoubt Enterprises)
Oscan-Samnite cavalry preparing to charge.
Oscan-Samnite cavalry pass in review.
"Imitation" (allied) Legionnaires by 1st Corps Miniatures.
A close up of the faux-legionnaires.
Thyreophoroi by Crusader Miniatures
A close-up of the Thyreophoroi.
Thracian tribesmen by Crusader Miniatures.
Thracian tribesman--too close for comfort.
Cretan Archers from Old Glory Miniatures
Cretan archers, up-close and personal.

Next up:  Medieval figures.


Phil said...

Wonderful figures, love the command stand...

Ted Henkle said...

Thanks Phil!

DeanM said...

Ted, great to see the figs again; especially with the nice backdrops. BTW, the Tarentine cav are mostly Redoubt (not Crusader). Regards, Dean

DeanM said...

Oh, and the two single mounted cav figures aren't really special or command figures. They're just based as singles for casualty removal.the guy with the axe and pushed back Corinthian helmet is supposed to be the leader, but they're yours now so as you like :)