Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Quick Visit to a Local GW Store and WH40K Game

(Image from:  Games Workshop Website)
I've often whined about commented on how my rotating work schedule derails most of my free time I'd love to spend gaming.

This past Saturday, my "virtual Sunday," was no exception.  

I heard the Games Workshop (GW) store at the Sunrise Village was hosting a Warhammer 40K Apocalypse game.  

Since I had too much prep work to do before going on-duty, I only had time to swing by with my trusty Panasonic Luminx Camera to pester chat with the store's staff and gamers. 

The Sunrise Village GW store is small, but well stocked.  If there's a GW item you want that's not on their shelves, the staff will order it for you.

The newest version of Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer Age of Sigmar has a prominent display.

If you're having problems assembling, or painting your GW miniatures, the friendly staff is willing to help you at this workbench...

...or this one.

But the far end of the long workbench was occupied by an aircraft assembly-line preparing models for some Death from the Skies dogfights.

The Sunrise Village GW store has two game tables.  One leaning more towards Warhammer Fantasy...

...while the other is geared for the grimdark "...of the far future..."

Saturday's game was a free for all featuring the NecronsOrksTyranidsTau, and Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines)...

...fighting in a ruined city.

Here's additional photos of last Saturday's apocalyptic battle I snapped during my short stay:

Icy conditions in the inner city.
Several Munitorum Armoured Containers were dropped on to the battlefield.
 Now this picture of the hero standing on top of a Rhino APC...

...reminds me of this popular meme/demotivational poster:

At least the Rhino-riding hero had a gun.
Orks move through a street to swipe supplies while a statue (of the Emperor?) looks down with disapproval.
Space Marines ambushing a Necron squad.
Players took a break to touch-up some figures and discuss the current game.
Tyranids sniffing-out an armored container.
Orks closing-in on the Tau.
A band of Orks braving the broken ice to seize the promethium relay pipes.
Now tabletop gamers can be a finicky lot.  We all have our preferred historical eras or fictional settings, along with our favorite styles of playing--boardgames, miniatures, or role-playing games (RPGs).

However, as the gamer on the left in this photo demonstrates...

...the tie that binds all gamers together is: 

The amount of time we spend pouring over the plethora of rules.

So if you venture to the Sunrise Village GW Store for your favorite Warhammer-flavored game; bring your figures, your sense of humor--and your rulebook.

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