Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Surprise

(Image of Raider-class corvette on Wookiepedia)

Have you ever forgotten, or misplaced something, and when you re-discover it, you're filled with a euphoric Christmas-morning feeling?

That happened to me yesterday when a large package arrived that I wasn't expecting.

It was from The Miniature Market that I completely forgot about.

Inside the well-insulated box were--

--an imperial raider 

(Image from:  X-Wing Miniatures Wiki)

--the Millennium Falcon

(Image from:  Boardgame Geek)

--and Battlefield in a Box's Asteroids.

(Image from:  Gale Force 9)
For the past several days I've been on-and-off duty, having to fill-in for coworkers who were sick, or who's children were ill.

So I don't have the time at the moment unpack my new acquisitions, let alone posting a full Product Review.

While I'm concerned about my memory lapse, this "unexpected" delivery has done much to brighten my mood for the long days and nights at work.

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