Saturday, June 20, 2015

Examining Current Works-in-Progress

(A self-standing magnifying glass to aid my aging eyes)

Like most wargamers, I have a lot of figures to paint and/or assemble.  As part of my "Studio Expansion," I managed to put most of the unpainted/unassembled figures into one storage bin.

(My Box O' Projects)
In addition to the boxes of Warhammer 40K figures, the box contains several pounds worth of micro-scale miniatures, ranging from fantasy and sci-fi, to World War II and modern; along with a handful of 25mm historicals.
Five years ago, I began my wretched hive project.  This now consists of several one-story buildings of scum and villainy.  Several weeks back, I stumbled across larger storage trays that will make suitable three-story buildings.

(Top edges trimmed off the storage trays from Walmart)
These buildings have now been primed and I still had some textured paint left over.  Unfortunately, the spray cans were all clogged, so I'll have to purchase new ones.
I haven't had any problems with my old non-textured paint--yet--and I resumed my 6mm terrain board terra-forming project. 
(My 6mm Terrain Board #5)
I'm currently working on the fifth board.  This is the last piece featuring the river.  After I complete this, I'll have one last piece to renovate.
(Another view of Board #5)
I'm always frustrated that my gaming projects seem to move at glacial speed, no matter how much time I have available to devote to them. 
The same goes for my writing projects.
I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way.
I guess you can't rush the creative process.


DeanM said...

Ted: We anxiously await seeing your updates on your projects. You're a talented hobbyist, and once you get more free time it will be exciting to see what you do in earnest. BTW, what are those green foam balls for? Some kind of extraterrestrial terrain?

Ted Henkle said...

Aw thanks for the compliments Dean. Yes, the green foam balls are suppose to be planets/planetoids/asteroids. I'm rather concerned about starting on them. Our friend Adrian warned me about using spray paint on them. If you hold the can too close, the force of the aerosol blasts holes in the foam. Although it may create a look of a planet that was hit by meteors.