Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Studio Expansion

A lot of Life Changes has occurred on the "deck" of Stern Rake Studio these past two years. 
First, my wife's job allowed her to work from home.  Then my daughter and her boyfriend moved-in and stayed with us for over a year.  During this time, my wife moved her work station into the studio, so things have been rather cozy for us.
When my daughter and boyfriend moved out, we rented a storage/shipping container for them to take all the furniture we set aside for them.  Now we have a spare room and more open space in the garage--although still not enough to park one of our vehicles.
So Stern Rake Studio has re-expanded.
My wife re-arranged the garage, and our spare room into sitting/hobby room for both of us.  There's still enough floor space in the Sitting Room to place a portable mattress for the occasional house guest. 
The above picture is of the surviving half of my old desk underneath some shelves.  This now serves as a paint station.
Here's a few more picture's of the Studio expansion:

Paint, glue and Flocking storage:  To the left is my collection of acrylic paints in the desk drawer.  On the right is a partial view of a roll-away shelf where I store spray paint, glue and terrain flocking
In the Sitting Room:  My well-used (or abused) folding table, which I use as another work station.
The Sitting Room Closet:  Has given me additional space to store games, miniatures and terrain that were previously on a utility shelf in the garage.
Now that the Studio "deck is cleared for action," I've started chipping away my unfinished pile of metal, plastic and cardboard. 


DeanM said...

Nice, Ted. I think you've got the best set up so far, with the fridge at arms length! You need to post these pics on the NHMGS Face Book as part of the "What's your paint area look like"

Ted Henkle said...

Thanks Dean! I was planning to, but it will have to wait a while. I family emergency has come up. Thanks again for commenting.