Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Product Review--Star Wars X-Wing: Tantive IV Expansion Pack

Now this is the reason I'm delving into the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game:  The Tantive IV Expansion Pack.
I've been eyeing this beauty for a few weeks, debating on whether or not to buy it.  Last Friday, I gave in to temptation and purchased the only model at Apocalypse Gaming Center, where I bought the X-Wing core set, which I discussed at length in my previous post.
In fact, I bought the core set after I decided to buy the expansion pack.
And like the X-Wing core set, the Tantive IV Expansion comes with a variety of lavishly colored cards and playing aids.  In addition to a small rule book is the campaign game, Point of No Return, which includes a Progress Sheet

The model itself is beautifully painted and finely detailed, made of the same hard plastic as the smaller fighters. 
This is the largest model Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has made for the game, so far, and appears to be properly scaled to the fighters.  Although I think the smaller figures from Wizards of the Coast's discontinued Star Wars Miniatures Starship Battles look more appropriate. 

A CR90 Corvette (FFG) vs. a flight of TIE Fighters (WotC)

The Tantive IV is the most famous of the CR90 Corvette Series, both on-screen and in Star Wars lore. 
However, my primary reason for buying this expansion isn't to play out scenes between Star Wars:  Episodes III and IV.  
Instead, a mercenary corvette, Alderaan's Vengeance, is one of the starships featured in the Redshift Chronicles.  So my prime directive for buying this model is to create scenes like this:

While I paid full retail (minus the 10% military discount) for the Tantive IV, you can find them cheaper on-line at sites like the Miniature Market.

The complaints less-than-five-star raters had, dealt primarily with quality issues; such as missing and/or broken parts, cards and playing aids.  Others were expecting something along the lines of a static display model.  Then there was one outlandish review that I'm assuming is a joke.  (There's always one in a crowd isn't there?).

I'm certainly happy with my new addition to my fleet, and look forward to taking the Tantive IV/Alderaan's Vengeance out for a spin, whether in an actual game, or staged photo shoot.


There's a Support Page available to help run X-Wing game sessions and tournaments.

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