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The Goblin Horde

(Kalashtar Bodyguard facing a goblin warrior)
In just about any fantasy role-playing game (RPG), a single adventurer, even a low-level one, can dispatch a solitary goblin. 
The problem, however, is...

...goblins "hunt in packs." 
Several months ago, I bought a slew of Pathfinder Battles goblin packs made for the We Be Goblins Module to add to my greenskin horde. 
On the Pathfinder RPG planet of Golarion, goblins are hyper little psychos, living in tribes scattered across the world.
It's not that the goblins of other worlds are any less vicious, but the ones found on Golarion push the envelope of zaniness to the point of insanity
Once I finished painting and flocking the black bases of my new goblins, I thought I'd muster the new and old figures for a "gathering of the goblin clan."
Rulers of the Pack 
Every tribe needs a leader, and goblins, whether zany or sane, are no exception.  Here are three unique characters that stand out among the gibbering masses:
(Special Characters:  Mogmurch, Reta Bigbad and a goblin adept)
Humans aren't the only being capable of domesticating animals.  Goblin dogs are often found guarding goblin lairs.

(Image:  A pack of goblin dogs)
The Rank & File 
The favored weapon of Golarion goblins is the Dogslicer.  These cheaply made weapons can be found in the hands of a tribe's heroes...

(Image: goblin heroes # 02)
(Image:  Goblin warchanters)
...and warriors. 

(Image:  Goblin warriors)

For those goblins who prefer weapons with a tad longer reach, there's these spear-wielding commandos: 

(Image:  Goblin commandos)

Pyromania is just one part of a goblin's psychological make up.  However, for some goblins it's their calling.
(Image:  Goblin Pyros 01s and Pyro 02s)

Getting back to "pets," goblin dogs aren't just guard animals either.  Some of the critters have an ever-so-slightly milder temperament, that allows goblins to ride them as cavalry. 

(Image:  Goblin commandos on goblin dogs)
Wizards of the Coast Figures
Goblins tend to be sneaky overall , but some truly excel at it.
(Image:  A goblin sneak flanked by goblin Blackblades)
Looking at some "tamer" goblins, archers prefer keep their distance during any confrontation.

(Image:  Graypeak Goblin Archers)

But then there's these armored hatchet wielders...
(Image:  Acheron goblins)

Among warriors, heroes and sneaks; some goblins are the closest thing to ninjas a tribe can muster.  
(Image:  Silent Wolf Goblins)

The poorest, (and most expendable) members of the tribe, are usually pressed into service as javelin chuckers. 

(Image: Goblin skirmishers)

But when a tribe wants to capture something--or someone--then the picadors are summoned. 
(Image:  Goblin picadors)
According to various myths and legends, goblins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  In today's high-tech world, goblin figures are manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes and weaponry.  
Hero Quest Figures
Here's a comparison of Paizo, Wizards of the Coast, and some old HeroQuest miniatures I embellished:

Apparently, the HeroQuest goblins have managed to manufacture, or steal, better swords than their Golarion cousins: 

But when swords are in short supply, hatches will do.

Some swords though are better than others. This band of goblins carry larger scimitars.  

Since all the HeroQuest bad guys are rather generic, I selected a few figures to act as leaders. 
The rank & file goblins, seen in the above three pictures, wear brown tunics, tied with darker brown belts, with white skull buckles. 
Troop leaders, on the other hand, wear read tunics, with silver, or gold belt buckles, and carry shields.  The shields weren't part of the original HeroQuest game.  I got these from an old Games Workshop fantasy accessory kit.

Each shield is unique.  Here's a look at the shield facings: 

Maybe someday I'll add some additional color to shields. 

Final Thoughts About Mustering Goblins

One of the main reasons why I like collecting goblins, along with orcs, is because they're very versatile.  In addition to populating the usual fantasy setting, they make great mutants in most science fiction, or post apocalyptic settings.

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