Monday, September 23, 2013

Studio Assembly Complete--Minus Some Finishing Touches

A couple weekends ago, my wife and I finished assembling my new corner desk, from Office Depot's Magellan Collection.  We both like the style and size is appropriate for my new studio.  The only problem we had was one of the shelves and the back of the drawer, each had a chunk gouged-out of them.  This was most likely caused by how the desk was packaged and then shipped.  When my wife called our local Office Depot, they knew right away what the problem was and ordered us replacements. 
By the end of last week, I was able to do the final floor and shelf/storage arrangement.  It took me nearly all day to complete, but I can honestly say I'm done.

I just have a few of the finishing touches I alluded to in the title. 
This includes installing the un-gouged drawer back, which arrived just as I was loading the desk.  While I have my PC up and running, it's not connected to the internet yet.  So we'll either run a cable to the router or get a wireless device installed in my PC.  Finally, I'll take a good look at some of my boxes-of-odds-and-ends and determine if any of the items are worth keeping. 
So, hopefully soon it will be "full speed ahead" on my writing and miniature painting projects.

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