Saturday, September 7, 2013

Some Assembly Required

Folks often say that it takes a long time to completely move and settle into a new place.  My home consolidation with Janet has proven to be no exception.  Even though the Big Moving Day was almost two months ago, my studio is still in a partial state of disarray.
The primary reason for the delay in re-establishing the studio is because my large, L-shaped desk didn't quite survive the trip... was the only item to suffer major damage during the move.  The good news is, only have the desk is broken.  The sturdier half is still intact and we may use it for a workbench.  It's already being put to use as a storage shelf in the garage...

While I really liked the desk, a gift from my ex-wife, I had serious doubts about maneuvering it up the stairs, through the narrow hallway and into its new home. 
So the only option was to embark on a quest for a new desk.
On Labor Day Monday, our labors were rewarded.  We found a nice, corner desk at Office Depot.  The store didn't have any in stock, so we had to get one delivered. 
My new desk arrived a few days ago... all we have to do is put it together.

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