Monday, September 16, 2013

That Dicey Moment

The scene depicted above is derived from one of the photos I took as I prowled around Dragonflight 2013.  I couldn't really tell what was going on, because I wanted to remain unobtrusive to the game master and players.  So I didn't know if the man with his head in his hands was:

1. Bored
2, Hung over, or
3. Dreading an impending encounter.

I thought Option #3 was the funniest possibility, so I went with that when I created this comic strip.  (Although gaming while hung over could be full of comedic possibilities too).

Role playing gamers know the feeling--a band of player-characters (PCs) have careened from one deadly enounter to another and are facing a TPK situation. 

Then the game master announces:  "Roll for initiative!"--The standard procedure for determining who goes first, which can be critical in a violent encounter.

Such an announcement is often enough to plunge PCs, barely clinging to life, into despair.

Are there any memorably despairing moments in a game you've played?

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