Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Gamestore Shopping Spree

My friend Jesse has owned a Hobbytown USA store in Wilsonville, OR.  However, it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago, that I finally managed to visit the place.  My girlfriend had to go to Portland, OR for business, so while she was at work, I ventured off on my quest.
Jesse wasn't in that day, but I still spent a couple of hours wandering around the store and pondering what & how much to buy.  The store is easy to get to from I-5 and like all Hobbytown stores, caters to a wide variety of hobbyists, from remote control vehicle enthusiasts and paint-ball warriors to model railroaders.  The games and toys are largely family-orientated, but there is a sizable wargame and role-playing game section, for us more militant types.
Best of all was the discount rack.  Other than the latest Strategy and Tactics issue (#277), everything else I bought came from the discounted area.  It was here, that I picked up a copy of Middle Earth Quest for less than half the original retail price. 
I also bought four boxes of AT-43 figures, but this will be the subject of another post.
Jesse's staff was very friendly and helpful.  Another advantage of shopping in Oregon--no sales tax.  (At least at the time of this post).
The following day, my girlfriend and I were in Spokane, WA visiting her family.  At one point I managed to re-visit Merlyn's to see if there was anything new they didn't have the last time I was here.
There was.
The first thing I grabbed was the latest copy of Zombies!!!, #11 "Death Inc."  I have nearly every set, except for #7, Send in the Clowns.  This set doesn't really appeal to me.  Maybe at a later date, I'll pick up a copy, so I can brag about having the entire Zombies!!! collection.
With Halloween nearly upon us, I guess I was in a horror-game-theme mood, because I stumbled across Flying Frog Productions' latest release:  A Touch of Evil: The Coast
This set comes with four new adventurers and a coastal gameboard.  I plan on getting these figures painted, like I did the previous ones, which are once again the subjects of my Halloween e-cards. 
So there's the synopsis of my two-gamestore shopping spree. 
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some counters to cut and clip, along with some figures I need to get professionally painted...

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