Sunday, October 7, 2012

Book Reveiws: Danger Girl--Destination Danger and Danger Girl--Revolver

 Since I read two Danger Girl  (DG) graphic novels back-to-back, I thought I'd write a twosome book review...
...the first was Danger Girl: Destination Danger, which is more of an anthology of graphic short stories, than a single novel.  Unlike the uniform artwork in Danger Girl: The Ultimate Collection, several artists contributed to Destination Danger
 The book includes:  Danger Girl Kamikaze, Danger Girl: Hawaiian Punch and the silly-but-fun spoof on 60's vintage TV shows, The Mod Bods, just to name a few.  In Kamikaze, the girls run afoul of the Asian version of the Hammer Empire.  I thought this story could have been more developed.  However, the manner in which it ended, leaves me to believe--that maybe--we haven't seen the last of this menace. 
 Danger Girl: Revolver is a return to a single story-arc adventure with uniform artwork.  Most exciting of all, the book introduces Sonya, as a new member to the Danger Girls.
 Since Natalie Kassel betrayed the team to the Hammer Empire, the Danger Girls have been somewhat short handed.  The new gal-pal is a modern-day Artemis and a bounty hunter to boot.  In Revolver, hey attempt to thwart a cabal of art thieves and return an artifact to a poor South American village.  It's a fun story, but what I liked most about this adventure (besides the artwork) are the glimpses of pre-Danger Girl backstory involving some of the characters and villains.
Both books are the graphic novel equivalents of action-adventure movies; complete with high-velocity chase scenes, outlandish stunts, hyper-sexual tension and comedy relief.  Each Danger Girl is strong and talented in her own unique way.  Together, they make an irresistable and formidable team.
So I can't resist giving both books 5-star ratings.

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