Friday, September 7, 2012

Book Review: Trouble Maker and Trouble Maker 2

I've heard a lot of great things about Janet Evanovich but never read any of her works, until I picked up Trouble Maker and Trouble Maker 2 at Half Price Books.  Released a couple of years ago by Dark Horse Comics, this was Miss Evanovich's first foray into the realm of graphic novels. 
And from the reviews posted on, it may be her last. 
This is the first book I've read, since on-line ratings came into vogue, where the number of 1-star rants outweighed all the other ratings--combined.  Longtime fans of Miss Evanovich's work vented their spleens, not only against the graphic novels, but of her later print books.
 I give this story a solid 3-star rating.  Normally, I'm not into crime novels and I thought this was a cute caper and a fun diversion from my normal fare. It's about a race car driver, his spotter girlfriend and the hijinks they get into, thanks to a couple of their friends.  I may be viewing the book favorably, since I like graphic novels and I'm totally unfamiliar with Miss Evanovich's earlier (and apparently better) work.
While everyone seemed to like the artwork, 77 out of 109 rater brought Trouble Maker to a screeching halt. 
Only 15 people bothered to review Trouble Maker 2 and most of those were in the 1 to 2-star category.  This picks up where the troubled Trouble Maker leaves off and the story is brought to a conclusion.
Overall, I was entertained and didn't feel I wasted my time, or money, especially since I didn't pay top-dollar for either book.

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