Monday, December 26, 2011

The Grue Cafe #5: Top of the Table, Ma!

The Grue Crew is back with an end-of-year-holiday special.  This episode stars Rox of Spazhouse, Kim, Dom and Kevin Pettway, author of the webcomic Heroes of Lesser Earth.  I linked Kevin's site and it can be found under the On Line Comics tab.  I'm particularly interested in reading Kevin's work, because one of the characters is none other than my sister, Rox.

Meanwhile, back here on AfterChristmasSales Earth, the Grue Crew takes on the following issues:  Game Master (GM) techniques, character knowledge vs player knowledge, the pitfalls of on-line gaming and recommendations for newly released and upcoming games.  One clear favorite among the pack, at least with Kim, is Skyrim.

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