Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to Be a Better Blogger

This is my blog.  Yup, one of many among the cacophony of internet noise. So, can I, or any other blogger, improve their presence in the ether?

Ann R. Allen, author of the Camilla Randall mystery series, has 20 steps to starting an effective blog.

Many writers jump on the blogo-wagon, but don't really have any interest in blogging.  This, according to Jane Friedman, the former publisher of Writer's Digest, is a critical mistake.  What non-blogging writers need is a static web page.  A professional one can be expensive and may yield minimal returns.  So Miss Friedman came up with an idea on how to constuct a freebie website using WordPress.

I've had a WordPress account for several years.  While WordPress has the larger slice of the blogosphere pie, I find Blogger to be easier to use and appears to be popular among gamers.  But I took Miss Friedman's advice and created my internet portal which links all my blogs.  As I become more tech-savvy, I'll make improvements on all my sites.

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