Friday, September 30, 2011

Dinner (and Lunch) with the Stars

(Image:  Steve Berry)

PNWA does an excellent job of cramming as much activities as possible into three-and-a-half days.  Mealtimes are no exception.  During lunch breaks, attendees can join one of the keynote speakers, as they discuss their writing, publishing and book tour experiences.  Jeff Ayers emceed this year's luncheon banter between Steve Berry and his friend James Rollins.

(Image:  James Rollins)

Our Friday night keynote speaker was Jane Porter, hostess of the Alpha Males and Unforgettable Heroines workshops.
(Image:  Jane Porter)

Last but not least, Deb Caletti spoke to a packed audience on Saturday evening, prior to announcing the winners of this year's literary contest.

(Image:  Deb Caletti)

While I enjoyed listening to all our guest speakers, I enjoyed sitting with my Popular Fiction classmates even more.  So I didn't take any notes during any of their speeches.

Now I wasn't a total slacker during the conference.  The last workshop I attended was the three-part, Writing in Scenes, hosted by Nancy Kress.  There'll be plenty of notes in the upcoming post--I promise.

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