Monday, June 6, 2011

Enfilade Convention Recaps

Due to my work schedule, I couldn't attend this year's Enfilade! convention.  However, many of my friends did and some of them even blogged about their experiences.  Thanks to these folks and others I'm sure, I've been able to "game vicariously" via their blogposts.

Dean chimes in from his WAB Corner--

Not only did he do a convention walkabout, but ran a Warhammer Ancient Battles game with Adrian:

NHMGS's president, Kevin, shows us the convention's 'Big Picture' in his Northwest Gamer blog:

He then conducted his own presidential tour:

In addition to his award-winning Sluys game, he also ran Hobkirk's Hill:

Meanwhile, Naval Gazing scoped-out the attractions and posted a two-part After Action Review (AAR):

Part 1: 

Part 2:

Overall, it sounds like Enfilade 2011 was a success.  I'm hoping next year's convention won't be a virtual tour for me.  I'll be sure to schedule vacation time early--as soon as the annual schedule is published.

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