Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stern Rake Studio "Shipyard"

Most creative bloggers post a "to-do list" of their project(s) in order to give their fans and followers an advance notice about upcoming events. For wargamers it's the miniatures they're painting, or playing pieces they're trimming; while for authors it's the books, articles or poems they're writing.

As both wargamer and writer I have both types of projects in the works.

So in keeping with this blog's nautical theme, my to-do list is hereby christened "The Shipyard."

The writing projects currently in the 'yard are:

1. Query magazine editors to see if they're interested in my last article First Blood at El Bruc Pass.

2. Rewrite and edit my last two PNWA Contest submissions Rakassan Recollections (memoir) and Sweet Stakes (short story).

3. Write an After Action Review (AAR) of the last Star Wars Role-Playing Game session I attended.

4. Begin production of the YouTube movies Nightmare at Naktong and Confrontation at Kursk. These upcoming shows are working titles for the Korean War and Eastern Front games I played during our Enfilade! wargame convention.

Meanwhile my current wargame projects are:

1. Complete painting my micro-scale (6mm) Egyptian tanks and APCs (armored personnel carriers).

2. Get a professional to paint my micro-scale ancient Greeks and Persians.

3. Build two micro-scale Vauban paper fortresses.

I'm also expecting a shipment of miniature ships from Wizards of the Coast's new release Axis and Allies War at Sea: Flank Speed. Fortunately no painting will be required.

And one of these days get back to playing and producing the Malta Convoy game I started (the first episode was the YouTube movie Impending Fury).

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