Monday, August 3, 2009

New Friends and Associates

I made several friends at the PNWA Conference this past weekend. A few of them have have blogs or websites already set up. So I started a new section titled PNWA Associates.

First up is Mechelle Fogelsong's blog Passing Love Notes:

This is primarily a teen advice blog, loaded with warm & witty words of wisdom for those suffering from adolescent angst--along with their exasperated parents.

If I remember correctly, Mechelle is working on a Young Adult (YA) novel.

Next is Kimberly Reason, a vocalist for the jazz group Cocoa Martini:

Kimberly is currently working on a couple of articles for Earshot Jazz Magazine and a literary fiction novel set in Seattle.

I'll add more links to this section as soon as more of my friends set up their websites.

I've also added a few well-known writers to my Authors section. These are: C.C. Humphreys an historical novelist; Joseph Finder, a thriller writer; and Deborah Schneider a romance author.

Under the Writer's Blogs Section I've added Karen Burns, aka Working Girl, a self-help writer and entrepenuer.

Later this week I plan on posting more detailed commentaries on the workshops I attended and authors I "discovered."

1 comment:

Mechelle Fogelsong said...

Hey, thanks for adding a link to my website, !

I also appreciated the link to Bernard Cornwell--author of the Sharps Rifles series--a link you suggested on my blog.

The PNWA conference was great fun, and I was thrilled to have met so many knowledgeable and enthusiastic writers like yourself.