Saturday, December 13, 2008

Worst Comic to Movie Adaptations

I love comic books and graphic novels. Despite the sensual artwork, as the different versions of Supergirl are pictured here, my wargaming hobby takes up most of my leisure time--and space (and money). So in order to get my graphic fix, I read on-line comics or, as the general public does; go to comic-based movies. However, not all comic book heroes make a successful transition to the big-screen. (Or the little screen for that matter).

Recently "Punisher: War Zone" opened in theaters on 5 Dec 08. Ray Stevenson, who did so well playing "Titus Pullo" in HBO's "Rome" mini-series, takes on the role of Frank Castle in this 3rd rendition of Marvel Comic's costumed vigilante. Unfortunately for Ray, the best review was a 3.3 out of 5 stars:

"Punisher: War Zone" isn't alone in getting punishing reviews from critics and general audiences. Here's the Top 10 List of Worst Comic Book-to-Movie Adaptations:

For the most part I agree with the list. However, I didn't mind "Catwoman" and I liked "Ghost Rider," probably because I saw these on an airplane ride and DVD rental, respectively. So I guess I didn't feel ripped off paying the $8+/ticket to see them in a multiplex.

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