Sunday, December 14, 2008

Malta Convoy Game: Sitrep #2

As I mentioned in Sitrep #1, 2 x German U-boats and 3 x Italian submarines are closing-in on the British Task Forces.

1st Action at 0400 hrs, 12 August 1942:

One U-boat slipped passed the destroyers escorting HMS Furious, one of four aircraft carriers involved in this operation, and fired 2 torpedo spreads into her. During this engagement 1 torpedo from each spread struck Furious' port side. While the ship's torpedo belt saved her from a critical hit, HMS Furious is now crippled.

Two destroyers managed to detect the U-boat and sink it with depth charges.

The good news is: Despite the damage, HMS Furious is still faster than most of the freighters.

The bad news, however is: While crippled she can't launch or retrieve aircraft.

There are still 2 more submarine attacks to resolve in this encounter. And I already have 84 pictures! Since I'm at a good stopping point, I'll begin processing them and add the special effects for the first segment of this multi-part saga.

My debut YouTube movie, "The Road to Eggmuehl," contains 69 photos and is over 8.5 minutes long.

This is going to be a long campaign that will turn into a full-length motion picture by the time I'm finished.

Stay tuned...

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