Sunday, May 12, 2019

New Audio-Visual Production: Five Second Flicks

Welcome to "Episode 1 of Five Second Flick Theater!"  

Just in time for Mother's Day.

I discovered a special effects program while uploading some new pictures.  The effects create a 5-second long video.So I went through various pictures I took through the years and compiled them into what I call “Five Second Flick Theater.”  This “first episode” is based on my Facebook profile pic, which was taken at the Jet City Comic Show a few years ago.  The backdrop is from Comic Heroes for Causes and quote is my favorite line in the BBC show “Sherlock,” with Benedict Cumberbatch. 

"And now a word from our sponsor..."

Okay, I don't have any sponsors per se.

But lately I've been encountering talented people running businesses, or informational websites that I think are neat and I thought it would be fun to add a "commercial" to some of my theatrical productions.

(Image from Kristina RDH YouTube Channel)

So my first shout-out goes to my dental hygienist, Kristina, who runs her own YouTube channel, Kristina RDH/Ask A Hygienist

(Image:  Kristina's "Ask A Hygienist" logo)

Kristina also runs a supporting page on Facebook.

And in the interests of full disclosure, I did win her monthly raffle last month and received her gift box full of dental product goodies. 

This was also the first time my name's been mentioned on YouTube and I'm still feeling thrilled about it.

Even if I didn't win, I tune in to Kristina's posts, because I always learn something new about oral health and I encourage everyone to check out her channel.

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