Monday, June 6, 2016

NHMGS's Enfilade Convention's Silver Anniversary Bagpipe Ceremony

Here's my first attempt at shooting an actual video as opposed to composing a slide show.  I filmed this with my new Nikon P530 CoolPix Camera in video mode.  I staked out a spot on the convention floor, and mounted the camera on a tripod.

The ceremony was in honor of Enfilade's 25th Anniversary and was conducted by the Northwest Scots Guards.

The honor guard detail included:  Lt. Col Larry Bardell, Josh Hay, Matt Sims, Bruce McGillivory and Jim Sisson.

The opening speaker was Lloyd Bowler, the Enfilade Convention Director.

The keynote speaker was Kevin Smyth, former Northwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society (NHMGS) president and one of the founding members of Enfilade!

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