Friday, June 3, 2016

Enfilade 2016 Blog Round-up

During this past Memorial Day Weekend, NHMGS celebrated 25 years of hosting it's Enfilade! wargame convention.

Unlike the past few years, I was able to attend all three days.  One of my gaming buddies, Dale, remarked my 3-day attendance was a rarity.

Yes, it certainly was.

This was most fortunate, because the Event Coordinator, Dave Mebust, asked me to be Enfilade's "Official Photographer" for this year.   I responded with my usual, "definite maybe," because of my rotating work schedule.

I didn't play a single game and instead snapped 1,108 raw photos.  The other day, I spent over four hours sifting through them and deleting 350 pictures.  My goal was to take one or two images of the gamemasters and players, then focus on the awesomely painted miniatures and terrain.  The photos I deleted were either blurry, not framed properly, had too much extraneous material on the table (the usual rulers, stat sheets, rule books, soda cans, etc), or a gamer moving his/her pieces just as my camera focused and snapped the picture.

This was also my first time using my Nikon P350 CoolPix Camera, and I was pleased with it's performance.  My only issue so far, is the camera would suddenly announce the battery was exhausted and shut down.  This occurred twice, near the end of the first two days of the convention. I'm glad I brought my old Panasonic Luminix camera as a back up, which in light of this I won't be getting rid of any time soon.

I'm now starting the process of compiling the photos into some sort of on-line format, either a YouTube movie slideshow, or some webcomics.

I don't think of myself as a perfectionist, but I do like to make any adjustments I feel necessary to a picture's lighting and color before posting it anywhere on line.  So it might be a while before my photos reach cyberspace.

In the meantime, while I'm moving at glacial speed, the following wargame bloggers have already posted their pictures and convention recaps:

Operation: Wargaming!'s Battle of Birmingham Meeting House 1777

WAB Corner's At Long Last, An Actual Gaming Post!

And a two-parter by Naval Gazing.

First, Other People's Games, and then the games he hosted.

Plans are already in the works for Enfilade 2017.

I hope to finish my Enfilade 2016 photo project by then.

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