Sunday, May 1, 2016

Great Game Store Near the Great White North

(If you pass this building, you missed the game store!)
Last Sunday, my wife and I took a road trip to visit to Peter's Games and Things, in Bellingham, WA.

The reason for the visit was to pick up some painted Warhammer 40K (WH40K) figures I bought from the owner, Peter Wort.

Peter's Games and Things exemplifies the phrase "good things come in small packages."  The storefront area is composed of two small rooms, one primarily for boardgames and one for miniatures, along with an office/cashier/receptionist area at the doorway.  The store sandwiched between a charity, and a loading dock in an business/industrial park.  But both rooms are filled with--well--games & things--old & new.

While the address is listed as being on Meridian St., if you're coming off I-5 as we were, to get to the store you'll have to turn left on to Orchard Dr., then right on to Orchard Pl. (see the map on the Google link in this post). 

Peter's Games and Things also hosts a large, well-stocked game loft above the store, which is accessed via the hallway and through the charity's storage area.

Peter is an excellent miniatures painter, whom I commissioned to do some DBA figures and micro_armour.  So when I stumbled across his post offering some Imperial Guard (now called Astra Militarum) figures and vehicles for sale, I replied without hesitation.

In addition to the figures I purchased, I brought along some of my unassembled/unpainted Imperial Guard figures for him to work on.

As it turned out, our visit wasn't a one-for-one exchange.  That is, I didn't just leave with my coveted WH40K figures and vehicles.  I found a large carrying case which I'd need to store said figures and vehicles, just about every Battlefield Evolution set I've been looking for.  I spent several moments pondering which ones to buy.

However, in light of the three hour drive it took us to get to this border town near the Great White North (the country, not the sitcom), I threw caution--and my budget--to the winds and bought all the sets I set-aside.

My wife even picked out a family-friendly boardgame she liked.

So, if you're--

a. Looking for a brick & mortar game store in the Bellingham area
b. A place to play games
c. Someone to professionally paint your figures
d. All the above

--then contact Peter Wort, or stop by Peter's Games and Things.


DK said...

You should check out Dark Tower Games, also in bellingham

DK said...

You should check out Dark Tower Games, also in bellingham

Ted Henkle said...

Next time I'm up there I will.

DeanM said...

That's nice to hear you made it up and even your lovely wife picked up a board game. That said, don't forget the historicals! :)

Ted Henkle said...

Thank Dean! Historicals will always be my first love. :)