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Sunday Fly-By to the Emerald City Comicon 2015--Cosplayer "Quotes"

(Image:  Emerald City Comicon Banner)

Here's my "Cosplayer Finale" to this year's Emerald City Comicon (ECCC)!

I decided to have a little fun and "put words" in the mouths of the cosplayers my stepson and I met.  I'll start off this narrative by "discussing"...

The Reasons for Cosplay

Why do people get involved in cosplay?

This Timelord may have one answer, to this mulit-faceted question:

(Quote attributed to:  Doctor Who--the Fourth Doctor)

Hmm.  Possibly.

But whether one's a grown-up, or child; lots of people like to portray their favorite heroes, even if they don't have super powers.

(Quote attributed to:  Phil Coulson in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the episode The Beginning of the End)
Though not many people can change the world single-handedly, so teaming-up requires...

Interacting With Others 

One of the great aspects of conventions, like ECCC, is that it gives us nerds a chance to leave our hovels and interact, face-to-face, with our fellow fans.

Although, some folks find attending crowded events to be a bit outside their comfort zone.

(Quote attributed to:  Londo Mollari in Babylon 5, in the episode The War Prayer)

(Quote attributed to: Gamora in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy)

Fortunately, dancing isn't a mandatory activity at ECCC, so there are other ways to interact with your fellow con-goers...

(Dialogue attributed to the 2003 movie Peter Pan)

Okay, maybe this is pushing "interaction" too far, so maybe some notes on proper manners are in order.

Convention Etiquette

People attend the ECCC to escape from the troubles plaguing the real world for a weekend.  So leave the hot-button topics outside the convention center.
(Quote attributed to:  Londo Mollari in Babylon 5 in the episode The Gathering)
(Quote attributed to:  Londo Mollari in Babylon 5, in the episode Point of No Return)

Whether you cosplay or not, when attending any convention, it pays to always be on your best behavior.

(Quote attributed to:  Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas)

If you can't say anything nice about a cosplayer's costume, then don't say anything at all. 

(Quote attributed to Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back)

Cosplayers appreciate compliments.  But even if their outfits don't fit canon (the show's "reality")...

(Quote attributed to:  The EMH/Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager, in the episode Life Line)

...and they seem to be able to handle themselves...

(Quote attributed to:  The EMH/Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager in the episode Message in a Bottle)

...or they don't seem all that approachable in the first place...

(Quote attributed to:  Gamora in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy)'s no excuse for being rude.  

So that means no hitting on the pretty women (or guys for that matter), just because they're wearing pretty (handsome) outfits.

(Quote attributed to:  Belle in Disney's 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast)

And leave a cosplayer's props alone! 

(Image derived from:  The Wizard of Oz)

Attending Next Year's ECCC?

My stepson and I enjoyed this year's convention, and everyone we talked told us they were having a good time.  Most, if not all of us, would like to make this an annual event.

However, as is often said, "Life gets in the way," which can make regular attendance problematic at best.

Some folks may have a rigid work schedule and will be unable to take the time off.

(Quote attributed to:  Phil Coulson in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in episode Heavy is the Head)

While for others, the odds of attending each year may seem too daunting. 

(Quote attributed to:  Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back)

If however, an opportunity arises, but you feel like you're at a virtual crossroad, an outside voice may ask...

(Quote attributed to:  Merida in Brave)

Although, keep in mind:

(Quote attributed to:  Doctor Who--The Fourth Doctor)

But when you do return to the ECCC, you just might feel like this:

(Quote attributed to:  Han Solo in Teaser Trailer #2 for Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
Author's Notes:

I used the ink sketch tool on my Paint.Net program to make it look like I actually drew these pictures.  Then I utilized Comic Life to create the word balloons and the occasional sound effect, while the one visual effect was made with the Windows Paint Program.  The words "spoken" by the cosplayers I encountered are derived from actual quotes made by the characters in their respective movies, or TV shows.

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