Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Not-Quite Whovian's Perspective of Dr. Who

Last month I posted a congratulatory post about the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who.  

Since then, I've been trolling the internet reading and viewing various tidbits to get me better acquainted with The Doctor.  

 First there was the Doctor Who entry on Wikipedia to get a broad overview of the Whoverse.

After that, I spent most of my time right at the source--BBC's Doctor Who TV

Despite my cursory in-depth on-line research, I've watched practically no episodes from start-to-finish yet.  I vaguely remember the 1996 Doctor Who movie.  The snippets of shows I remember the most are from back-in-the-day of the Fourth Doctor, when my sister "Rox of Spazhouse" would tune in to the program.

From what I have seen though, I can understand why this show is so popular.  While the special effects, especially in the early years, may seem laughable, the acting is quite good.  (By the way, there are still some laughable special effects in a lot of movies produced by Syfy).

My favorite Doctor, is of course the Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker, for nostalgic reasons.  These were the shows I remember the most, because my sister Rox watched Doctor Who as much as I watched Star Trek.

But after watching all the samples available on the BBC website, I've gotten to like the previous three Doctors.

Why not the newer ones?

I guess because when I think of the term "doctor" referring to a non-medical person, I think of someone scholarly.  The younger, hipper and edgier Doctors that have come along since #4 don't seem to fit that mold for me.

It also makes sense to my middle-age addled brain that someone as intelligent--brilliant even--as The Doctor is, often needed some muscle to watch his back while he concocts his cunning plan to defeat the bad-guy-of-the-week.  Hence, in my opinion, his constant need of companions.

But based on this chart I from L7 World, the producers of the show apparently had other ideas...

Anyway, does my favorable impression now make me a Whovian?  

Not really, but this has more to do with me than the show.  Being a "live by the sword" type, I have very little patience for recurring villainous masterminds.  At least on two occasions, The Doctor (#4 and #5) had Davros, creator of the Daleks, dead-to-rights yet dallied until one of Davros' minions turned the tables.  

So I can't really get into a hero who continually pulls his punches, or chokes at the finish.

I guess I'm the kind of guy that shoots first

But at least now I can hold a conversation, watch an episode with my Whovian family and friends and not feel like a complete muggle.  

(Yes I know I mixed metaphors, but I'm not Whovian enough to describe a non-Whovian like me). 

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