Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Game From My Youth

A couple weeks ago, my friend Dan sold me his copy of Arab-Israeli Wars, (AIW) for $10.  I had previously owned this game, but it became a "casualty" in the turmoil of my previous marriage.  So I jumped at the chance to own it again.

My brother gave me my original copy as a birthday present when I was a teenager and we played this game--a lot.  However, my brother always insisted on playing the Israelis.  In all the games we played, I think I won two of them as the Arabs.

So I guess the game is as lopsided as the actual Middle East Wars themselves.  The game was published by Avalon Hill in 1977 and was based on their World War II tactical games, Panzer Blitz and Panzer Leader

Boardgamegeek offers some information on this game:

There's even a Wikipedia entry:

Despite being out of print for for 34 years, used copies are often available on-line and can even be refurbished.  Old Soldiers Magazine, produces updated counters for AIW and other venerable games, wargamers still like to collect and play.  (Click on the Expansion Counters Set button).


Deb said...

Very cool! It's looks familiar to me and now has me wondering if I had it. . . I love old board games. Masterpiece is an art heist board game that was one of my favorites! :)

Ted H said...

I had Masterpiece too! I actually liked it better than Monopoly.