Friday, February 25, 2011

Amoeba Wars: Rise of the Ruby Empire

Wargames, or "conflict simulations," can be emotionally draining affairs, especially when playing games of high complexity.  Sometimes it's fun to take a break and play something light-hearted and fun.  Amoeba Wars, produced back in 1981 by Avalon Hill, fit the bill for my gaming group last Saturday.

Boardgamegeek provides a game description and a popularity rating, along with possible links and forums devoted to the game:

The galaxy was carved-up into several factions (starting from the top left):

Feldspar Empire--Seth
Jade Empire--Adrian
Amethyst Empire--Ted
Topaz Empire--Michael
Amber Empire--Dan (owner of the game)
Ruby Empire--Daniel

And of course, the amoeba hordes...

The Space Lords vying for control of the galaxy.

An amoeba attacks the homeworld of my Amethyst Empire.

The amoeba is destroyed for the cost of two Amethystian scoutships.

A Jadian cruiser squadron probes the borders of the Amethyst Empire.

The first core world system falls to the Ruby Empire.

Meanwhile, the Amethystian Starfleet battles a Doomsday Machine--a remnant of the Old Empire.

The Ruby Armada assembles for a coreworld campaign.

A Rubian battlestar ambushes a Topazian cruiser.

The Topazian coreworld system falls before the Rubian onlsaught.

The Rubian Armada continues its drive, this time attacking an amoeba infested system.

A third corworld system is "liberated" by the Rubian Armada, while a second one falls to the Amethystians.

The Rubians destroys the last Doosday Machine guarding the secrets of Saestor.

With the Doomsday Machine obliterated, the Rubian Armada turns its weapons against the amoeba and claims Saestor--the heart of the Old Empire.

We had the optimal number of players (6) for this game and had fun zapping amoebas--and each other--in this retro sci-fi romp.

For the next Amoeba Wars game session, maybe we could use this as a vintage sci-fi theme song:

Then again, maybe not...

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