Friday, January 7, 2011

Redshift Chronicles News Brief # 6: Where There's Smoke...

Stardate: Sixday, 042-130 ABY/Fringe Info Network (FIN)--Tarsus Bureau

Subsector: Shannekam

"All the news that's fit to transmit."

Fire Erupts in Planetary Capital's Skyscraper

Yesterday, a fire broke out in Stedmonton's Constellation Tower, on the planet Merantis.  The fire completely gutted the office of TAg Market (Tarsus Agricultural Market), while adjacent businesses suffered only minor damage.  Arson is suspected, but not  yet confirmed.  When asked if this was the work of Bongolaanian agents, a spokesbeing from MIS (Merantan Intelligence Service), merely said they were "looking into it." 

The new Tarsan Ambassador, Eleonora Heraud, is scheduled to attend a diplomatic conference on Merantis within the next six days.  CODA's (Commission of Diplomatic Affairs) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) calls for the deployment of a Diplomatic Security Team (DST), prior to the arrival of any ambassadorial staff.  When asked if any Tarsan DST, will be involved in the Constellation Tower's fire investigation, a spokesbeing from CODA merely said, "no comment."

Science and Technology News

Three days ago, FIN ran a story about the Tarsan Defense Forces' postponed MARVIN (Mobile Android Recovery Vehicle Improved Negotiator) Program.  Only one prototype has been assigned to the Tarsan 3rd Lift Infantry Regiment and the order of additional MARVIN droids from Sirius Cybernetics Corporation has been cancelled.  No reason was specified for terminating the contract.

Earlier today the above image was transmitted to FIN's office on Tarsus.  When a local reporter showed an anonymous source within the Tarsan Defense Force this image, the individual merely shrugged and said not to worry, "we have the technology, we can rebuild him."  No explanation for the apparent malfunction was given.

Entertainment News

Shiri Blen's latest hit song Twi'lek Dream reached number one within the Merantis Star Cluster and is rapidly climbing the subsector's Top 40 Chart.  It is unknown at this time if the Fel Empire, which is notoriously hostile to foreign transmissions, will block the holovid signal within it's borders.

In the meantime, Ms. Blen is scheduled to conduct an encore performance this weekend at Spazhouse Cafe & Bistro in Newland.  Her upcoming venue will include some of her earlier hits like Something's Going On.

(Inspired by I Know There's Something Going On, sung by Frida).

Editorial Note:

The top photo is from the Parque Central Complex fire, which occurred on 17 Oct 2004, in Caracas, Venezuela. 

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